Our Services

Becker Financial ServicesBecker Financial specializes in individually designed and managed portfolio services for the investor seeking  a fair return derived by employing modern portfolio management strategies combined with time proven well diversified security holdings.  You can expect your portfolio to be invested in corporate and government bonds, preferreds, dividend paying blue chip stocks, convertible securities and collateralized mortgage obligations.  When market conditions dictate, money market funds and CDs are also employed to contribute to your portfolio’s total return.

Our clients represent a broad spectrum of relationships that include corporations, institutions, retirement plans, trusts and families desiring individually managed personal investment portfolios designed to reduce volatility and taxes while offering a full range of investment opportunities aimed at providing competitive returns.

As a result of over three decades of striving to provide exceptional client service we have developed an excellent working relationship with qualified estate, trust, and taxation specialists.  We will work closely with your existing professional relationships to help you address your immediate needs and achieve identified future goals.  Should your goals and objectives require outside expertise we have many established relationships that we can refer to for your assistance.